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North Bergen, NJ

I wanted to share my gratitude to Eddy for preparing my taxes and taking away the stress that it has caused me, as well give me hope for the future! Forever grateful for your knowledge and advice---- and also getting me a refund! I have recommended Eddy to my friends, and I will be reaching out in January once tax season is open! Thank you so much Eddy- for your time, and professionalism.


Piscataway, NJ

Huge thank you to Eddy for helping me certify my business!!! I am very thankful to have someone I grew up with take care of my business and tax needs.



West Milford, NJ

I have had been flagged by the under reporters bureau of the IRS because of my previous accountant. Eddy was not only able to help me file my 2019 & 2017 taxes, but also helped me with my current impending IRS correspondence. He had an answer to all of my questions and provided them quickly as needed.


Plainfield, NJ

As a first year landlord, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to keeping track of my income and expenses. After a consultation with Eddy, I gained the valuable advice of a professional who I can say truly cares about his profession. I never met anyone who was so happy and made feel comfortable to discuss my finances with before. The way he makes you understand what he is talking about is why he will be my accountant for life!!


Hillside, NJ

Went through Eduardo to file my taxes for 2019. Fantastic communication throughout the whole process. Explained each step to me thoroughly in layman's terms since I didn't understand the complicated accounting jargon. Will absolutely be going to him for my taxes and other financial questions in the future!


Franklin Park, NJ

Eduardo may be my brother, but he is also the best accountant I have ever met. Before he became an accountant, I would go to several individuals during tax time to file my taxes because I could never find the right one. I have been in the army for almost 3 years now and never once did any of those accountants mention that my army expenses qualified as a tax deduction, until Ed did my return this year. I have first hand experienced him studying for school, the CPA exam, and over hear him talking to his clients. I promise you, you will never find anyone as dedicated and knowledgable to their profession as him. I am blessed to have such an amazing brother in my life who can now take care of all my accounting needs.


North Plainfield, NJ

I got screwed over through a past accountant, he ended up telling me I was eligible for a grant that I wasn’t eligible for, he wouldn’t even help me find out more about it. I freaked out and my brother introduced me to Eddy and WOW, I told him the situation, he helped me out IMMEDIATELY. I gave him the information he needed and he reached out to help me solve the problem. It was all done within a matter of days. He was professional, friendly and quick. I’m genuinely so grateful to have had him help me and now have him as my accountant.


Kearny, NJ

In my relationship with Eddy as my accountant, I have been extremely impressed with the quality of his work while maintaining a professional display and providing me all my tax information in a timely manner. It’s been advantageous to have Eddy as my sole accountant because he is consistent and applied his extensive knowledge to make sure I am well taken care of. Filling my taxes with Eddy was extremely simple, he took care of everything and provided me with peace of mind with his constant updates. I would highly recommend Eddy to anyone looking to get a great experience out of their accountant!


West New York, NJ

I would like to start off by saying that the professionalism is beyond what I expected. I started a new business venture and wanted a fresh idea on how taxes and financial planning could work for my business. After speaking to Eduardo, I felt a piece of mind that I never felt before. I know my business is in the right hands. As a business owner, bookkeeping is always a headache and I decided to contract bookkeeping services from ASA. I can definitely say it was worth the investment. My headaches are gone and my books are always up to date. Eduardo takes care of everything and answers all my questions. I can honestly say I found the right accountant for my business. I know that with his knowledge and his advice, my business will grow tremendously.



Jersey City, NJ

I met Eddy through a graduate course at NJCU. I was not aware of his speciality in the field of tax until one day, he presented in front of the class on a topic regarding taxes. During that time, I was on a search for a new accountant. All I have to say is that this young man is very charismatic and knows what he is talking about. I immediately walked up to him after class to ask for his help in amending my 2018 tax return. He quickly went over my return and knew exactly where the previous accountant went wrong. The amount of stress I was going through because of this situation was fulled erased. I will be returning to Eddy next tax season and will definitely be recommending him to all my family and friends.


New York, NY

I had the pleasure of having my taxes prepared by Eduardo. For years I was using turbo tax however, every time I prepared my taxes via an online service something didn’t seem right. Luckily a friend recommend Eduardo to me and he guided me through the whole process and explained every step thoroughly. From now on, I will only go to Eduardo for tax preparation not only is he professional but he is friendly and educates you on the subject. I highly recommend Eduardo

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